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416 Pine Street, Burlington, VT 05401

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Exterior - the Burlington Music Dojo

Located in scenic Burlington, Vermont the Dojo serves as a hub for music celebration and instruction offering state of the art spaces to learn and relax. Teaching music is a special skill which requires a deep knowledge of the instrument, real world experience playing, and the patience, understanding and positivity to teach. To nuture, a productive, enjoyable learning experience it takes more than a technical wizard. A great instructor displays a positive temperment at all times, excellent communication skills, and an absolute focus on the experience of the student. It shouldn't be about the teacher, it should always be about the student.

In addition to our experience and musical ability, our group shares a common belief in the power of teaching music positively. Learning music should always remain an enjoyable experience and we love helping make this happen. We invite you to come share in the power of music with us.

Our Space

Interior - the Burlington Music Dojo

These are not your run of the mill, typical cramped lesson rooms. All of Burlington Music Dojo's studios feature windowed-doors, sound-insulation, spacious rooms, air-conditioning, and are fully-equipped with WIFI and MP3 player-ready technology. There's even enough space for parents too. So grab a cup of joe from Speeder's next door and hang out for the lesson.


It all Started when...

About - The Burlington Music Dojo

Founded in 2013, the driving force behind forming our collective was the desire to bring together excellent, independent and local teachers who believe in the positive power of sharing music and give them the perfect atmosphere in a great location in which to teach. 

Since then, our collective has grown into a small, vibrant network of some of the best music teachers Vermont has to offer… and we’re growing more each day. 


Accolades - The Burlington Music Dojo

"Aram was my first bass teacher and his contagious enthusiasm got me hooked on playing the bass right away." — Luke Hausermann

"Franky Andreas is a revelation. " — Ross Baker, Power Play Rock and Metal Magazine

"Tessa is a wonderful teacher. Our son has worked with her since we moved to Essex, and has reached new levels of success through her help and guidance." — Ezra Veitch

"I started off as a simple beginner, but with Aram's help, I'm on my way to mastering slap bass, scales, and everything in between" — Griffin Connell


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